Robert Chambers (LeHeup) is a writer and storyteller, charity worker, sometimes-bar-tender, avid supporter of the arts, and happens to be a Marine combat veteran. His creative works are meant to have as much a visceral impact as an intellectual one. He currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with a healthy stable of friends and what is easily argued to be the world's best dog. And mountains. Gotta love those mountains...


A Personal Note

"Stories, both true, and - let's say, questionable, have always struck me as the purest form of communication. Our truth is only a facet of The Truth, after all. In time, the impact of this form became apparent to me. This is how cultures began. It’s how we evolve. Upon this realization, the art of Story has become a religion of mine.  

I've been a writer since I was a child.  I find inspiration in a variety of mediums, given that Story isn't simply print or spoken word.  I love the idea of a strange, unquenchable hope flickering in a world of competition and war, so I'm naturally drawn to dark plot and dark characters.  However, this also gives value to the foundation of light plot and light character.  The story is the dance between the two."

- R. Chambers