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Bullets and Bandaids

Art Show & Hidden Wounds Benefit


Columbia, SC - Art show honoring local war veterans, featuring collected stories of combat veterans, paired with works created by local artists to illustrate these deeply personal accounts of war and the effects on those who lived through them. 

Hosted by 701 Whaley Center for Contemporary Arts and Hidden Wounds - a non-profit organization focused on treating veterans with PTSD, with the assistance of Piensa Art Company.

Created, Organized, & Curated by R. Chambers.

[Press]  -  "Show Turns War Stories into Works of Art"


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Heavy Feather Falls

Art Show, & Japanese Tsunami Relief


Columbia, SC - Written entirely in Haiku and set in feudal Japan, the comic book, "Heavy Feather Falls" was released as part of an an art event coordinated and curated by R. Chambers with Piensa Art Company to benefit the Japanese Tsunami Relief 2011 efforts. Proceeds from the event were donated to the Red Cross.


Featured Guest Comment

"The images in the comic are of Japanese warriors fighting to the death in and around a stream.  While all this commotion is taking place, a delicate white feather floats in and around the battlefield.  The text is written in the form of a haiku.  It is this juxtaposition of violence and beauty that permeates so much of Japanese art from the 15th century to the present..." 

-  Potlick Blog: "Heavy Feather"


[PRESS] FreeTimes: Local Artists Create Haiku-Based Comic Book


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Caution! Falling Objects

Art Show featuring Once Upon a Time and Shit, hosted by Devine Eyes with Piensa Art Company, Columbia, SC - Co-Organizer & Presenter


Playing After Dark Gala 

Event featuring performance arts: Dance, Music, and Film - organized by Pocket Productions, Columbia, SC - Presenter, featured screening of short film "Spent Rounds"


Dixie Commissar / Piensa

Art Show hosted by Vista Studios Gallery 80808, Columbia, SC - featured written works