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Feed the Future - usc 

commercial - Comedy


This award winning short film offers a comical glimpse of a dark future for a University with a very tight budget... 

Selected by The University of South Carolina to be presented to SC state legislature, this promotional short was written and filmed as part of an undergraduate competition and campaign to bring funding to the college's Media Arts Department.  

Roles: Writer, Director, Casting, Cinematographer, and Producer 


Spent Rounds

Short Film  -  Drama

A short film about a man's last ditch effort to deal with his military past by giving hope to someone going through the same problems. [Clip coming soon!]

Roles: Creator, Writer, Director, & Actor


The Ballad of Mack 

Feature Length Film - Screenplay


Set in a prison, this feature-length screenplay is about a man dealing with the pain of his past and present by painting while listening to classical music.


Once Upon a Time in Love

Feature Length Film - Screenplay

Romantic Comedy

The recession is in full swing and no one can afford dates, dowries, weddings, etc., thus causing a love recession. If the Cupids can make their quota, they may get fired. You know what happens when a Cupid is fired? Neither do they...


Murder Mysteries

Stage Scripts & Performances

Client - Roof Basket Works

Created, wrote, directed, cast, and performed 3 Murder Mystery scripts for three separate dinner events hosted by Roof Basket Works to benefit AIDS awareness on behalf of the Gay and Lesbian Business Guild of South Carolina.  

Actors posed as partygoers, performing among the crowd of actual guests as the "murders" are surreptitiously committed throughout the evening.  Guests are challenged to uncover clues to reveal the killer by the end of the night.  


The Murder Mysteries:

Attack of the Karaoke Killer

Who Killed the Fire Spinner?

Who Killed the Rock Star?