Inked Page Sample -  Once A Marine

Once A Marine

Graphic Memoir

300 pages

In order to actualize himself as a good man, Robert Chambers (yours truly), joins the Marine Corps infantry, only to find his idealism shattered by some of the very Marines fighting alongside him, their mentality apparently far more "normal" than his untreated, bipolar mind can understand.

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Cover Page  -  Odin

Cover Page - Odin


Graphic Novel

300 pages

Odin is the grim story of a man who loses more than just his eye and his memory in a gunfight. Fraught with violence, hardship, and unexpected twists, this dark tale ultimately illuminates the complexities of human emotion and the compelling nature of relationships.

Story by R. Chambers. Issue 1 of 25 (limited edition) illustrated by Andre Araujo. Cover illustration by Dre Lopez.

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God Will Save Me

Comic Book

Set in a fledgling colonial town in the New World, God Will Save Me is a twisted tale of pirates, faith, choice, and destiny that challenges the idea of an explicit line between good and evil.  

Story by Robert Chambers. Pages illustrated by Andre Araujo.  Cover and lettering by Dre Lopez.



Heavy Feather Falls

Comic Book

Written entirely in Haiku, this is the story of a lone feather fulfilling its destiny while floating through the legendary battle of Sekigahara.

Story by R. Chambers. Drawn by Sammy Lopez. Coloring, lettering, and cover by Dre Lopez.  


Book Release & Art Event

The comic book was released as part of an an art event coordinated and curated by R. Chambers with Piensa to benefit the Japanese Tsunami Relief 2011 efforts. Proceeds from the event were donated to the Red Cross.



The Hashashin

Comic Book

Long ago in the Middle East, an arrogant Emperor decreed that any man who could kill him would win his empire and his throne; any who failed in their attempt would pay with their lives.

This is the story of an Assassin (the Hashashin) who sets out to do just that - but soon discovers that things are more complex than they seem.

Story by R. Chambers. Illustrated by Eric Darnes. Cover design by Dre and Sammy Lopez.


EXCERPT -  Heroes of Santa Moreno

Heroes of Santa Moreno


An Old-West tale of plague, law, and dealing with the cards you’re dealt, illustrated in old-fashioned black and white. 

Story by R. Chambers. Drawn by Sammy Lopez. Cover design and lettering by Dre Lopez.





Autobiographical comic short (2 pages) written for a lecture on War and Comics given with David Axe (War is Boring) at the University of South Carolina. 

Illustrated by Robin Everett-McGuirl.



Zero Hero

Character & Short Comic Series 


Created a series of comic strips for the SC National Safety Council's driving safety campaign for teens. Developed "Zero Hero", the superhero, and a cast of supporting characters representing a variety of driving violations: Sydney Speeder, Tyler Text, etc.  

Illustrated by Dre Lopez. Characters and story by R. Chambers.