The Sound of Snow

Memoir & Performance


"The Sound of Snow"

TEDx Columbia

Autobiographical story about a transcendent moment experienced as a Marine in Kabul, Afghanistan. Written and Performed by Robert Chambers at the TEDx inaugural event in Columbia, South Carolina. 



Once Upon a Time and Shit


This art show was a re-imagined and admittedly macabre take on the lives and (more importantly) deaths of classic childhood fairytale characters. The collaborative series of 25 illustrated short stories is fondly referred to as the "Fairytale Obituaries": The Pied Piper gets a disease from his rats, Rapunzel's hair is ripped out, the Gingerbread man decides to go swimming, and more.

Illustrations by Dre and Sammy Lopez (Piensa), Obituaries by R. Chambers. 

[Press] FreeTimes - Caution: Fairy Tale Characters Might Meet Untimely Demise



Which and Whom

Short Story & Collaboration

Story and illustration displayed as part of the, "Caution! Falling Objects" art event in Columbia, SC.

Story written by R. Chambers, based on illustration (left) by Sammy Lopez. 



"...Even more, I know what you want to say to the world.  But still - you're MEAT."  

He lunges, and I fall.




Selected Works



In Print

Lexington Life Magazine 

The Thrill of the Ride: Custom Motorcycles - July 2012, p. 24 - 26   

A Second Season Preview: Harbison Theater - Oct 2013, p. 18 - 20